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Visualize fitness in 3D.

Monitor the changes in someone’s body shape and dimensions as their body responds to your fitness and nutritional guidance, keeping your clients engaged.

Replace the calipers with an engaging experience.

Capture your shape in 3D. Evaluate full body shape and body composition. Track progress with a trainer, coach or physical therapist.

Track baseline circumferences like hip, thigh, waist, bust, and more.

Don’t let yourself by in-home weight scale. See where fat is being lost by digitally measuring your waist and other essential body data.

Skip the dunk tank and DXA machine.

3D Scanner Styku uses known circumference methods (e.g. US Navy method and more) to measure body fat directly from your waist, hip, and other girth measurements. No need to schedule hydrostatic weighing or a DXA scan; Styku Fat% is a precise and reliable way to calculate lean and fat mass.

Evaluate risks. Communicate the possibilities.

Use the 3d SCANNER Styku Fat% to determine health risks compared to others within your gender and age group.

Personalize fitness goals 

Determine how much fat you would like to lose. Set a burn rate/ activity level and target date. Using basic energy balance

RMR, BMR, and Caloric Intake.

We automatically create a model of the daily expenditure and then uses the daily deficit to estimate the maximum caloric intake that you  can consume to reach fat loss goal.
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