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Hallandale Gee Gym - trap bar

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

The trap bar isn’t new: It’s been around since the 80s, when according to legend, powerlifter Al Gerard invented it to reduce the stress on his back during deadlifts. The barbell is shaped like a hexagon in the middle, allowing you to stand inside it rather than holding the weight out in front of you as you would a straight barbell, theoretically reducing the torque on your back. Visit us at Gee Gym in Hallandale FL

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Hallandale FL Gee Gym

The verdict: The trap bar activates your back muscles less than the straight bar does. It shifts the load from your back and hamstring muscles to your quads.

When you do a straight-bar deadlift, the barbell is in front of you, even if you keep the bar close to your shins, your arms extend slightly forward in order to grab the bar and pull on it.

With the trap bar in our 247 Miami Gym, you’re literally standing inside it so you’re able to grasp the barbell right where your lower limb is. It puts the bar closer to your center of gravity. You’re in a better position to pull where you don’t have the same torque around the lower back.

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