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Hallandale Gym - Stretching and its importance

Updated: May 16, 2019

Tight #muscles don't do anything good for your exercise form. After all, when your muscles start compensating for each other, proper #biomechanics go out the window.

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Stretching and its importance

By correcting muscular imbalances, static #stretching helps you perform any exercise with better form, both improving your performance and preventing injury.

Stretching is about way more than your muscles, though. It also moves your joints through their full range of motion, increasing the flexibility in your tendons, which connect your muscles to bones, so you're less likely to suffer from runner's knee or tennis elbow.

Stress reduces blood flow, resulting in muscle tension and knots. Meanwhile, stretching increases blood flow to your muscles to ease tension and help you feel more relaxed, Romero says. Plus, once your blood gets pumping to your muscles, it also reaches your brain, where it can effectively boost your mood.

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Author: Anton A

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