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Gym Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts for a Great Workout Environment

Welcome to Gee Gym! To keep our gym a clean, respectful, and motivating place for everyone, it's important to practice good gym etiquette:

1. Always wipe down equipment after use and return it to its designated spot.

2. Respect personal space and use headphones for your music.

3. Be mindful of time limits on machines, especially during busy hours, and keep noise levels reasonable.

4. Offer assistance to those who might need a spot and be considerate in sharing equipment.

5. Avoid sitting on machines or benches if you're not using them, and wait until someone finishes their set before asking to use a machine.

6. Keep the gym organized by putting away weights and equipment after use.

7. During peak times, stick to one machine to avoid monopolizing equipment, and keep social interactions brief.

8. Ensure your gym clothes are fresh and avoid strong scents.

9. Most importantly, encourage and support fellow gym-goers, creating a positive atmosphere for everyone.

Thank you for contributing to a great workout environment at Gee Gym! Happy training!

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